How to fix high CPU usage by Diagnostic Policy Service

The Diagnostic Policy Service sometimes gets stuck, not only wasting CPU time but also generating waste data on your C partition.

In the following I’ll outline how to fix this problem and unstuck it.

  1. Kill the process. You’ll need a tool like Process Hacker 2 to do this. Since the service is stuck, stopping it through the services management app won’t work. Task Manager also won’t work since it can only kill services by rebooting. The correct svchost.exe process should be easily identifiable in Process Hacker by high CPU usage.
  2. Once the process is dead, open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\SRU\. (Make a backup if you want to, then) Delete everything inside.
  3. Restart the service from the services management app (services.msc) or reboot your computer.

That’s it. Diagnostic Policy Service should work as designed again.


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